Propane and Kerosene Heater Guards

Propane and Kerosene heaters get hot as their surfaces often conduct some of the heat the give off. This can give health and safety concerns; whether it be risk of fire, or staff/visitors accidentally touching heated parts of the heaters surface.

Our heater guards help to protect against fire and burns by providing a physical barrier around the heater. Helping to reduce risk of fire/damage should things fall near to the heater. 

They also protect the heater itself from damage (helping to keep it in good working order for longer).

Our Propane and Kerosene Heater Guards are compatible with a broad range of branded and unbranded propane/kerosene heaters, including models:

  • Wilms Heaters
  • Draper Tools
  • Andrews Sykes
  • Arcotherm Heaters
  • Kroll Heaters
  • Trotec Heaters
  • Sealey Power Tools
  • Clarke Power Tools
  • Ancotherm Heaters
  • SIP Products
  • Klam Heaters
  • ZM Heaters

…and many more. Click here to view our range of Space Heater Cages.

If you need a bespoke Propane of Kerosene Heater Guard, please contact us on 07921 517559 or click here to contact us.

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