Space Heater Cages

Our expanding space heater cages (patent pending PCT/GB2016/052623) are suitable for a broad range of heater models from leading manufacturers - including electric and gas models (including propane, kerosene and others). Using space heater cages can help to protect staff, equipment and stock/materials from the heat generated from the heater.


About Space Heater Cages

Our space heater cages are suitable for heaters manufactured by Sealey Power Tools, Wilms Heaters, Clarke Power Tools, Draper Tools, Andrews Sykes, Arcotherm, SIP Products, Kroll Heaters, Trotec Heaters, Kiam Heaters, ZM Heaters and others.

If you're looking for electric, propane or kerosene heater cages please view our product details pages to see if your heater is compatible (if your heater is not listed, please contact us).

Contact us if you have any questions on whether your equipment will fit our space heater cages.

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